Muro&Southpaw Chop「Double Barrel」が始動開始!

Muro&Southpaw Chopによる新ユニット「Double Barrel」が始動開始!



これぞ日本が世界に誇るサンプリング・ワーク ! リミテッド300枚 ! 今後の活動に注目 !

Announcing the formation of a new production team “DOUBLE BARREL” comprised of two of Japan’s premier veteran DJ/producers, MURO and SOUTHPAW CHOP. Unearthing loops and beats from Japan’s finest domestic wax never before heard by overseas heads, we will be releasing in extremely limited runs of 300 copies. Our first release will be the 7 inch SPCWX-0014 “M.H. Express b/w Border Line”. Follow Southpaw Chop and Muro for future release info of the DB series!

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